Perler Art

Bucky O'Hare

Measuring 36" tall - Bucky O'Hare is a fictional character and the hero of an eponymous comic book series, as well as spin-off media including an animated TV series, various toys and video games.



Fox McCloud

Measuring 36" tall, Fox McCloud is a video game character and the chief protagonist of Nintendo's Star Fox series. He is the leader of the Star Fox Team, and is joined by his wing mates on various missions.



Mega Man

Measuring 36" tall, Mega Man (also known as Rockman in Japan), is a Japanese science fiction video game franchise character created by Capcom - which was released by Nintendo in 1987. You can battle Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters with this large piece.



Earthworm Jim

Measuring 36" tall, Earthworm Jim wears a robotic suit and battles the forces of evil. The video game series is noted for its platforming and shooting gameplay, surreal humor and edgy art style. Earthworm Jim has been recognized as one of the greatest animal protagonists in video game history.



Samus Aran

Measuring 38" tall, Samus Aran is a fictional character and the protagonist of the video game series Metroid, by Nintendo. She was introduced in the 1986 video game Metroid. Samus Aran is an ex-soldier of the Galactic Federation who became a galactic bounty hunter, usually fitted with a powered exoskeleton that is equipped with weapons such as directed-energy weapons and missiles.




Measuring 36" tall, Wolverine is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, mostly in association with the X-Men. He is a mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, a powerful regenerative ability known as a healing factor and three retractable claws in each hand.



Wu-Tang Clan

Measuring 28x20" - The Wu-Tang Clan is an American hip hop group formed on Staten Island, NYC in 1992. Wu-Tang Clan are regarded as a highly influential group in hip hop, helping to popularize and develop the East Coast hip hop and hardcore hip hop styles. 

** Not for sale


Mortal Kombat

Measuring 20" tall, Mortal Kombat is an American media franchise centered on a series of video games, originally developed by Midway Games in 1992. The series has a reputation for high levels of graphic violence, including, most notably, its "Fatalities." Mortal Kombat included secret characters, secret games and other Easter eggs.